Kiss Me Slow

Seductive saxophones for my love story.

After her heart skipped a beat,  the kiss escaped from my lips.

Damn  I miss the pianos.

Damn I miss her!

I touched the keys pretending it was her and my sensual vibes  penetrated her body.

I’m dropping rhythms…

Let’s take it slow.

Kiss me slow,

Fuck me slow.

Love me slow.


I’m sorry I taste so good. I’m sorry I smell so good. I’m sorry I look so good.

I’m sorry I’m brilliant.

I’m so sorry I’m the best poet living.

I’m sorry I’ll never die.


Muah! This love ritual doesn’t end.

32 small candles burn.

Get on top of the piano, sit down, part your legs, let your scent captivate my music,

face me while I play the notes to your soul… the poetry flows as my tongue eats away at the entrance of eternity.


Delicious music drips slow

Let’s take it slow.

Fuck me slow.

Love me slow.

Touch me slow.

Lick me slow.

Kiss me slow.


Justice and Love

I Broke all the rules for my music

I Broke all the rules for her.

10 kisses to start the ritual, 11 to finish it.

Improvised prayers nourish our souls.

I live alongside justice and  love or perhaps in between the two

Now we’re here, happy because  God is  reflecting from our eyes.


Jealous Poetry

A woman has never made my poetry jealous, until tonight;

Kiss me until I fall asleep,

Kiss me;

A dream so deep;

Kiss me,

A dream so sweet.


An unparalleled delight, with love I never fight.

I did forget what affection feels like.

Continue kissing me, don’t let me wake up because it feels right!


Under your hypnosis,

Under your spell,

Under your scent

How can I tell?


I allow you to enter the depths of my conscience, don’t get lost, follow the light in your soul for it is eternal.

With eyes closed we have clarity.


Now you see what I dream of when you put me to sleep with your sweet kisses.


The Verse Arrives


The verse arrives…

Intricate drums;

Exotic bass lines dance with intuitive pianos.


I need a smooth saxophone!


Resting my heavy head on your thighs as you caress my curls,

I need this love because it heals me.

I deserve this love, it’s the only reason I work so hard.


I was tired of not having a palace, a place to dwell without shame.


An abundance of women in my life yet I touch none, not physically at least. I’ve been saving myself for you.


Only music and poetry have my heart, I sleep with them.


The verse arrives…

Intricate drums;

Exotic bass lines dance with intuitive pianos.


Dear poetry I have missed you.

I know you miss laying down on my page  as I  murmur your existence.

Cosa Buena Video

I started thinking about the concept of “Cosa Buena” and what comes to mind is palm trees, people dancing and having the time of their lives, a lot of smiles and great vibes. Since it is a Spanish song I want to tastefully present the Latino culture. The Spanish song maintains a universal tone that I’d like for the camera to capture


I want the protagonist to chase the woman that he wants to be with,

In the beginning he keeps getting rejected, then he takes a few dancing lessons  and by the end he gets the woman he wants.

I see the woman’s girlfriends interrupting and just giving mean looks to the protagonist.

The story should wrap around the dancing studio where the main character is learning how to dance.

The final dancing scene should be at a beach or lake.  I’d love to capture a sunset on film and as the Sun sets, the night starts, the fires light up, everyone is dancing and having the time of their lives; The protagonist  gets his lovely woman and the “Cosa Buena” (Good Thing)

Has finally happened.

Eye Create

Stranded till I find the exit

Eyes closed, looking at the world…

Clarity I grasp.

Sight I steal,

Visions I take


White feathers fall for you…

All is calm and tranquil.

Playing inside the realm of sound.

Rhythms restore and heal broken chains of cells.


To manipulate mathematics is to manipulate logic:

Ripping the fabric of space and time  like tissue makes my spirit dwell in distant  dimensions.

The  body follows the  mind…

Into the light I shine…

I am one with the universe.


Let us create!