Freestyle Pt. 2

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My Loves

Bad habits of never breaking up…
How many girlfriends do I really have?

I have my poetry,
I write her a lot,
I have my piano,
I named my piano Isela (caress her after I eat)
I have mathematics, I count on her,
she’s logical and precise:
Faith, I wonder how long she will be needed for.
Music, she’s in my ear right now.

I balance them…
I have many more,
One for each sense,
I have endless senses,
Some limit themselves to two or 5 maybe 6 or 7.

I’m in love with one more woman… her name is life

I hold her dearly,
So close I hold her.

Death becomes jealous….
One secret I’ll tell you, don’t ever mention death again,
She is needed not,
Ignore her,
Right now just think of life..
She is the most loyal.

Take care of life!

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My Turn

I’m a poet,
My tongue is a weapon
Sharp like double -edged swords.
Smooth to flow with piano cords.
The art of talking directly to the soul.
I can heal you I promise…
From planets away I can feel you I promise.

Rest in poetry to the poetic minds that have left us.
Your energy is here to bless us.
In the eye of the miracle we dwell,
Many secrets we tell…
Like learning how to fail to excel or how to weigh justice on a scale.

I’m a poet!
Heart of a warrior with a mind to lead a nation.
I’m a poet!
Naturally wise, artificially stupid.
I’m a poet who finally matured and is now ready to be a figure of such eminence:
I’m ready to be recognized as a poet to the world.

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Isla. My Piano

Into the depths of the mind may a fantasy shine.

Sustained like a note,
We’ll release it in time.

Emotions match the notions in line.

Learning my rhythm and playing with vibes:
Learning your patterns and reading your eyes…

Another day, another poem,
Another piano that has blushed from my touch,
For our conversations I thank you so much

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C.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.e poem

Color brown eyes like rich coffee in the morning.


Honey-sweetened words delicious to the soul as new harmonies are forming.


Rose gardens where magnificent notions come to life:


Insecurities become strength .as you follow your heart and keep an ear for advice.


Smiles exchanged, perception of time is lost in the depths of our conscience, be playful for there is always room for nonsense.


Tranquility seduces the atmosphere


Inspired intentions, pure like life itself, you are divine, your spirit is sacred like the light  in which it 




Night falls like empires for gracious women.


Eternal may your passion be for today is a new day and all is forgiven.





By: Franco Linares


Dedicated to Christine Devine.

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Secret Poet Society

Caught up in rare events,

to live another way doesn’t make sense,

draw poems from pens,

draw sight from lense,

my future’s calm  in suspense,

you’ve past tense, good bye misery and agony I’ll never forget I had friends.


Secret poet society,

 in poems I drown anxiety.


Secret poet society,

I’m the only member, 

If you join …

You can’t join…

You haven’t bled through your eyes enough,

Your pain is infantile,

Your soul fragile,

You haven’t lost it all 5 times and smiled.

You do not taunt devils so wild.

You haven’t mocked god as a child.



I  always see the devil in church,

I  ses god in all darkness. ..

Darkness is light once you soundly walk blindly. 


They both follow me, I lead for they both need me to exist.


I exist without faith, 

I exist without hate, 

I judge widely as if nothing ever surprised me.


Don’t love the poet, love the poem,

The poet is flawed the poem is perfect. 


-secret poet society. 

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Wenda’s Message

It’s never personal, I have nothing but love for you.


It’s strictly business,

I make it my business to kerp you close to my heart,

right next to my art.

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Humbled by the blessings. 


The blessings were all the ugliness I was tossed in to;  I walked away with scars that nature later healed.


I became such a friend of agony  that nothing would phase

me. I smiled through it. 

It’s also the reason why I’m so persistent and why I dislike complainers.


I have a confession,

I have another surgery coming, I call them vacations because it’s the only time I sleep and the only time I am

  not creating.


The only other person who works as hard if not harder is R Bizzy. That’s just what it is, others fell off because they lack heart and courage.


In conclusion, we are blessed and are traveling with  momentum that  breaks walls and creates miracles. 

Let god flow… let god flow.


We have no business being unhappy. 



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Her Eyebrows

As a painter…

I would draw your eyebrows first, delicate strokes: Gently tracing each one with my thumb as if such action brings you to life. 

Caressing almost,

Sensitive with my art.


Inspired by your beauty, 

Do not get cocky and seduce me with your confidence…

With your scent, with selflessness. 


I’m not at all done with my poem,

I need to become better acquaited;

To know your essence, the purpose of your existence. 

Who are you?

I don’t know but your eyebrows captivate me.


You’re a doll 

 may your  heart be warm and may you stay blessed love.

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